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Dip Chandra

Phone 703-282-4014
Mobile Number 703-282-4014

Mr. Dip Chandra
43028, Hedgeapple Court,
Ashburn, Virginia 20147

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Dip Chandra


Executive Director

My Businesshas 3 pillars: Executive Director for BNI NOVA NORTH; Alliance Consulting & Teaching Networking/Building successful business Relationships. BNI NOVA NORTH is to serve the individual chapter members & their chapters to ensure they are growing their businesses by creating a world class professional business networking environment that encourages their success.

Ideal ReferralLocal (Washington DC based) business owners and "C" level executives with large networking circles and contact spheres

Top ProductBuilding trusting, strong, relationships

Top Problem SolvedIn 1994, I managed with a 20+ team the implementation of the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue paperless Tax system for the Commonwealth's individuals and businesses, despite huge challenges with the project. A few years later the State was awarded the prestigious annual Smithsonian Award for Innovative use of Technology for the success of this project

My Favorite BNI StoryRelationships Matter and that nothing happens in isolation but for a reason. If it were not for my strong, trusted personal and professional friendship with Leslie Hutchison, the opportunity to be a part of BNI would never have presented itself

My Ideal Referral PartnerHighly networked executives who intrinsically exhibit the Givers Gain philosophy